The Biggest Loser: Blue Team Blues

If you watch NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Families,” you know that Vicky is bitter and, as Ed said, will scratch someone’s eyeballs out in order to win. So when Amy went against her former blue team and voted Vicky’s husband Brady off last week, everyone in TV land rejoiced, except for Vicky and Heba and Ed, and Brady. Amy’s reasoning was that Brady was a big threat to her, because she was the biggest loser on campus so far and Brady was second. She also knew about the alliance between everyone in a blue shirt but her, and that when five went down to four, they would all vote Amy off. Makes sense to me.

But Vicky went on to call Amy a “backstabbing bitch” and posted a “REVENGE” sign on her dorm room door. Trainer Bob Harper was shocked about Amy’s choice, but he wanted to talk to her and see what her reasoning was. When Amy explained it, Bob understood and also told Amy she had a great shot at winning. But Bob also wanted his “blue” team (remember we’re in individual competition now, but blue still trains with Bob and black with Jillian Michaels) to get along. He also thought that the whole “revenge” thing with Vicky would bite her in the ass.

So before the first challenge, host Alison Sweeney shows up dressed in ’80’s gear and announced that it’s ’80’s week on the ranch. That meant they had to all dress in ’80’s workout clothes and listen to ’80’s music and answer trivia questions from that decade. Ugh.

So both teams were shuffled off to 24 Hour Fitness to do break dancing and step aerobics training, all looking ridiculous. Then came the challenge in which the contestants had to hold up buckets of water equal to half their weight, and had weight added if they answered a trivia question wrong or if someone else answered correct. It came down to Michelle and Renee, and Michelle told her mom she would buy her a purse if she let go, which she did. Michelle’s prize? Among others, the main one was a choice between $5000 or a 1 pound penalty to an opponent at the weigh-in.

Jillian and Bob then worked their teams senseless at the last chance workout, especially for Jillian, who only became angrier when her team members started crying. Yikes. Amy was then shown apologizing to Vicky, which I thought was completely unnecessary, and Vicky said she still didin’t trust Amy. I get that, but I don’t blame Amy one bit for voting Brady off last week.

Then came the weigh-in, and Michelle decided to give Vicky the 1 pound penalty. Ha! Michelle and Renee both lost 8 pounds, and Ed lost 11. Then came Heba at 7, which put her in last place for the moment. Coleen only lost 3 pounds, putting her in last after which she started to cry, knowing she didn’t have much of a chance to stay in the game now. Amy went next and dropped 8 pounds, putting her in first place. Then came Vicky and with the penalty she lost 6 pounds and was below the yellow line with Coleen. So I started doing the math in my head. Ed and Heba would vote for Coleen, and Michelle and Renee would vote for Vicky. Once again Amy owned the swing vote. Would she pull the trigger on Vicky, something you couldn’t blame her for after being called a backstabbing bitch…or would she go back to blue team loyalty and to Bob Harper loyalty and vote off Coleen? My money was on Vicky, but she instead voted off Coleen. Wow. But Amy saw Coleen as a bigger threat to her winning it all. Personally, I think Amy screwed up this time. Vicky was a bigger threat, and she is conniving and mean and, well, a backstabbing bitch. This time Amy didn’t heed her mom’s advice of the previous week, and it could cost her.

Coleen has lost a ton of weight at home, and it was a happy, tearful reunion with her dad Jerry and with her boyfriend Bob. She really looked great… congrats Coleen!

So there you have it….we’ve got Michelle and Renee, Ed and Heba, Vicky and Amy. Suddenly we’re barreling toward the finale, and I really really really hope Vicky is not in it. I also hope they don’t start adding contestants back in, because it’s been confusing enough. Further, Vicky had better be nice to Amy now and apologize herself. But she won’t. Grrrrrrrrr. See you all next week!


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