The Biggest Loser: If The Shoe Fits…..

Let me start by saying that I am not mean-spirited in the least. But I do root against people that are, and I suspect that most of America does too. On NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Families,” there are a few mean-spirited contestants, led by Vicky. Her husband Brady and friend Heba are also mean-spirited, but to a lesser extent. Mostly, they are game-playing teammates. So the show kicked off last night showing them celebrating that Phil was kicked off two weeks ago. Vicky even did a little dance. Meanwhile, this pissed off the black team. Vicky even said something about Phil not being a good “role model for America.” Uh, hello Vicky….no one is a worse role model that you are…and I mean no one that has ever stepped foot on the Biggest Loser campus. And by the way, trainer Bob Harper is still stewing about having a team full of gameplayers. Well, I should preface this by saying that the competition is now individual, but the “team” lines are still clear.

Anyway, since there are always twists, the show began with host Alison Sweeney paying them a visit, which usually means something weird is about to happen. Well, the twist was that everyone who has been eliminated so far was returning for this episode, and one of them would be allowed back into the competition. Well, everyone but Coleen’s dad Jerry, who could not leave his job in Cleveland. Anyway, after each of the returning contestants weighed in, they had to compete for the right to come back. But first, some drama. Phil had the highest percentage of weight loss but this was about the challenge, not the numbers on the scale. Vicky made some snide remark about how she is glad it’s not based on weight loss because she wanted no part of Phil coming back. And when that made Phil’s wife Amy cry, Phil confronted Vicky, and then Brady confronted Phil. Phil said something about them being evil people, and he is so right. Stacey, who was eliminated in week 1, even commented that she isn’t sure she wants to come back to a house full of gameplayers. Then they showed Shellay talking to her daughter Amy, who had been a member of the evil blue team, and her message was, “Watch your back, girl.”

So the challenge was simple. A step was placed in front of each contestant and the first one to 1000 steps won. Easier said than done, right? I said ONE THOUSAND steps. Yikes. Anyway, the blue team was pulling for Heba’s husband Ed, so that they could re-form their ridiculous Communist alliance (was that out loud?). Sadly, Stacey could not beat Ed, who huffed and puffed to victory. I turned to Mrs. Mike and said that I want Ed tested for steroids.
Ed also received immunity this week for winning.

After a visit from Ali Vincent, last season’s winner, and some tips from a Prevention Magazine staffer on how to eat right when leaving the ranch, it was time for a last chance workout. Jillian was pissed because her team was facing an uphill battle….if any of them fell below the yellow line, they likely would be voted off instantly because of the blue team alliance. But that’s why they play the games, and I do mean games.

Ed lost 4 pounds, Heba 9, Colleen 7, Amy 6, Michelle 6, Renee 7, Vicky 8, and Brady 6. All good numbers, right? Well, not when you consider that Brady is a very large man. So he had the least amount of weight loss and Michelle was second. Heba was shown winking at Vicky…..meaning, Brady lost less weight on purpose so a black team member could be voted off, and he would lose a lot of weight next week and get immunity the week after. But wait…..Alison said there would be no hour to deliberate this time. Rather, they would be ushered into the chopping block room immediately. That meant the “blue team” had no time to convince Amy to vote blue.

I didn’t understand it right away, but Mrs. Mike pointed out that if the voting ended in a tie, Brady would go home because he had the least amount of weight loss. And the only way that could happen is if Amy voted against her former team. Well, think about this…Vicky kept saying that the final four would be her, Brady, Ed and Heba…so they would vote Amy off the first chance they had. Amy knew that, and remembered her mom’s advice. So she voted for Brady. Which prompted me to do a dance similar to the one Vicky did. Hahahahahahaahahahahahaaha!!!!!!

Now, I was happy to see Brady go home to his kids, and lose 100 pounds. But I am so happy that Amy decided to break up the alliance. Now, she will be protected by the “black” alliance.
Don’t you love it when the evil empire gets taken down? They showed a clip next week where Vicky posted some sign about “revenge.” I have to say, she got what she deserved. The fact that they let Brady lose less weight than anyone, thinking for sure he wouldn’t be voted off, was just ignorant. Amy might have been wearing a blue shirt, but she knows how evil Vicky and Heba are. Ah, justice. Brady left wearing “big loser” on a blue shirt, didn’t he? And now the show gets more interesting, doesn’t it? Do you think the producers knew what they were doing when they allowed no time for deliberation? I do, and I thank them.

See you all next week, and go do your dance too!


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