The Biggest Loser: It’s All About the Game

NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Families” reached epic gameplay proportions last week when Phil told Brady they should band together to oust Heba. I thought it was B.S. personally, but it turns out Phil really did say that, but not with any kind of vicious intent. Well, he should have known better, becuase Brady and wife Vicky are all about the gameplay and earning an edge to win the grand prizes totaling $350K. So when the blue team lost last week and ousted Phil’s wife Amy, Phil was broken up about it for days. He also was broken up when the blue team confronted him in front of his teammates on the black team, who did show their support to Phil.

But first, blue team trainer Bob Harper was absolutely livid about his team sending Amy home and sensing some serious gameplay. He basically accused Vicky and Brady of it, saying that Brady’s 3 pound weight loss was “unheard of” and that something was afoot. Brady admitted he wasn’t eating every four hours like he was supposed to because he “wasn’t hungry.” Um, have you had a look at that dude? Guys that big are ALWAYS HUNGRY, and should especially be when they’re working out hard every day. So that’s it….Vicky and Brady said that wasn’t intentional, but come on. Bob said Vicky is all about the gameplay more than anyone who has ever stepped foot on the ranch, so he’s no dummy. Further, of course Brady would put up a huge number this week so that the black team could oust Phil. Of course.

In the initial challenge, David Zinczenko of Men’s Health Magazine and the author of “Eat This, Not That” helped host Alison Sweeney as the contestants had to guess which of two dishes had less calories. The blue team won, giving them a 40 pound advantage in the main challenge, which was hanging on to a harness 50 feet in the air as a team and trying to hang on for as long as possible. The blue team won this as well, as one by one, the black team slipped and let go. Their prize? They were able to choose one black team member for that person’s weight not to count at the weigh-in. They chose Michelle, but turns out it really didn’t matter. That’s becuase the black team lost 10 pounds total, and without Michelle’s number, that came to 0.74%. The blue team meanwhile lost 27 pounds, or 2.90%, including, you guessed it, 13 pounds from Brady, who beat the entire other team for the first time in show history. Blah blah blah, of course you did, Brady, because you and your wife are silly, extremely annoying, gameplayers. That goes for you too, Heba.

So the black team had to vote someone off, and Renee had immunity since she had the highest percentage of weight loss on her team. Surely that meant her daughter Michelle wasn’t going home either, so it came down to Coleen or Phil. The women all voted for Phil, despite the fact that he has the most weight to lose. And that was good for him to be able to go home to his wife and kids. On his way out, Phil told his team to not let the blue team get in their heads, and I don’t think they will, because they are all strong-minded women. However, NBC showed some twists coming up (again) where former contestants were back on the show. Folks, I can deal with the gameplay but don’t confuse me by changing the rules each week. That’s just not right.

Anyway, Phil lost a ton of weight, 106 pounds to date, and celebrated his 20th anniversary with Amy on camera back home in South Carolina. Good for him, because he’s not as bad a guy as the blue team made him out to be.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait to see Brady, Vicky and Heba all turn against each other when this competition becomes individual. Ha! See you all in two weeks, as Election Day coverage will pre-empt the show next week. And please make sure to vote!


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