GQ names 25 sexiest women in film

Jessica Alba in Sin CityWhen it comes to women in film, GQ has never been afraid to speak its mind, but with its new feature on the sexiest cinematic gals of all time, it will likely cause some debate amongst men, and even a few women. That isn’t to say they’ve necessarily chosen the wrong group of women, but when it comes to a topic like this, well, it’s more about personal reference than anything else.

There are plenty of no-brainers included (like Jessica Alba in “Sin City” and Raquel Welch in “100 Rifles”), as well as a few that are debatable (is Sienna Miller in “Layer Cake” any sexier than the many other model-turned-actress in the biz)?, but I have to imagine there was definitely someone more appropriate than “That Chick from ‘Planet of the Apes’” for the final spot. As it turns out, there is, and her name is Sophia Loren, who the magazine has included as the list’s unofficial 26th member. Check out the full feature here, along with photos and short blurbs on why each actress was chosen.


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