Heroes 3.5 – There’s a Peacefulness and a Rage Inside Us All

Okay, so Linderman isn’t real.

After this week’s twist that Daphne could also see him, I really thought for sure that maybe he wasn’t just some twisted creation of Nathan’s psyche, but now we know that he’s actually nothing more than the work of one of Papa Petrelli’s minions. That’s right: we finally got the big reveal of Robert Forster this week, which I’ll get to in more detail in a bit. First, let’s talk about some of the other goings-on from this episode.

Sorry, but Moninder has reached the point of ridiculousness now. I was accepting the similarities to “The Fly,” but…really? He’s taking down people in the park, dragging their bodies home in a manner so careless that he’s literally leaving a trail of blood behind him, and then he’s…cocooning them? Give me a break. The only possible up side to the storyline at this point is that we may soon see the last of Maya, but somehow I suspect that we couldn’t possibly be that lucky.

The character of Knox is one where you have to wonder what the writers were thinking. He’s got the power to create black holes. Sure, it’s an awesome super power, but it’s such an awesome power that it gets you to thinking things like, “How the hell does someone develop this kind of ability as a result of a serum?” And from there, it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump over to questioning all the other highly non-biological abilities amongst the characters…like there aren’t enough flaws in the show’s various premises. As far as how Claire handled Knox, well, it’s just another typical Claire scenario: she makes a headstrong move without thinking it through, gets swayed by someone telling her a sob story, decides to trust her father, and gets the shaft. Clearly, she gets the headstrong nature from her mother, since Meredith proceeds to brag about how she can light fires, only to get herself captured by one of the bad guys. Embarrassing.

I don’t really get HRG anymore. I understand that he wants revenge on Sylar for what he did to his daughter, but the idea of having Knox open a black hole and let him be sucked into it just seemed ridiculous, especially with Sylar standing right there. I guess we were supposed to presume that Sylar couldn’t quite hear what was being said from that distance, but it wasn’t like they were that far away.

The Hiro / Ando / Adam triangle was pretty entertaining this week, with Hiro’s best line occurring when he informed Ando, “He said look tough, not like Mr. Roboto,” but I probably laughed hardest when Adam referred to Hiro as a “Japanese Nazi.” The idea that there’s a bar somewhere where Specials hang out to find work is one that’s cool enough to warrant its own spin-off. As for Hiro stabbing Ando, it was shocking, but it was also so unlikely that you know there’s gotta be a catch.

I like that they’re not just dismissing the effects that Peter’s absorption of Sylar’s powers is having on him, particularly since they resulted in a couple of really dark moments this week, including the snapping of Sylar’s neck (and his subsequent recovery) and what looked for all the world like it would be Mama Petrelli’s final moments on the planet. The honest moments between Nathan and Tracy where the latter was admitting what she’d done to the Greatest American Reporter were nice, though something didn’t ring true about the rather casual way they just popped ’round to pay Mama and Peter a visit at the Company. You know, I just don’t think this organization is nearly as secret as it’s supposed to be…

Okay, onto the last few minutes of the episode, where we finally meet Papa Petrelli and see the brilliant Robert Forster for…what, maybe 30 seconds of screen time, tops? And that’s only if we include the distant shot of his picture in the file on Mama’s desk. So Parkman’s dad…who it took me a minute to recognize…is working for Papa Petrelli, who seems to be paralyzed. Okay, fair enough, since we’d been led to believe he was dead for all this time, anyway. He’s clearly a major power player, given that he’s capable of paralyzing Mama from afar (I loved the scene where she believed that Nathan, Tracy, and Peter were all dead), but he still needs someone to do his physical dirty work for him.

Next week, lines are blurred between heroes and villains. Fair enough, I’m ready…if only because I want to see how long it’s going to take Daphne to find Matt Parkman. I mean, sure, she’s fast, but he doesn’t even know where he is!

Addendum: When writing this blog entry at 2 AM, I accidentally referred to the character of Stephen Canfield as Knox. My apologies to both Andre Royo (Canfield) and Jamie Hector (Knox).


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