Heroes 3.4 – In The Future When All’s Not So Well

Although most of this week’s highlights came from the future, we did get a few interesting moments in the present. Mohinder tried to get a handle on his new abilities, only to find that his control over them isn’t what he hoped it might’ve been. What the hell is he doing to his neighbor, cocooning him? Despite how it may have seemed to many of us, Tracy discovered that she’s actually a triplet, but did you notice how Herr Doktor referenced that the triplets were named Tracy, Nikki, and…Barbara? The sequences with Nathan Petrelli and Mr. Linderman are very interesting, if only because I’m now totally uncertain about whether or not the latter does indeed continue to exist in some manner that allows only the former to see him. And Matt Parkman’s new buddy sent him spiraling into a white-eyed vision, which brings us to…the future.

Even with all of the advances in special-effects technology, it’s clear that we will never successfully reach a point where an actor can perform a scene with himself and not have it feel cheesy…or maybe it’s just because the only difference in Milo Ventimiglia’s PresentPeter and FuturePeter voices was that the latter was a tiny bit more growly. Either way, while the scene of the two Peters chatting with each other worked surprisingly well when they were interacting in the crowd, as soon as they headed down the alleyway and the focus of the scene was solely on them, I was very much in “gimme a break” mode. Fortunately, FutureClaire put a couple of caps in FuturePeter before I had to worry about it too much.

I liked the way FutureMohinder was couched in shadows, hissing his words, but what I really liked was that transition from the present to the future, with Mohinder’s voice slowing down on the tape recorder as it suddenly gained a coat of dust and a cockroach running over top of it. A small moment, but an awesome one. It was also good to see Molly again (kids grow up so fast these days), and the relationship between Parkman and Daphne is an intriguing one, to be sure.

At first, the whole Sylar-goes-domestic scene seemed to be done solely for silliness, but it ended up working surprisingly well to establish how far he’d come in four years’ time. So given FutureSylar’s son’s name, are we to presume that Noah is A) Claire’s daughter, and B) HRG’s grandson? That would make sense, since you can certainly imagine that the company would love a chance to combine two of its most powerful assets. The idea of PresentPeter going into the future and stealing FutureSylar’s abilities in order to return to the present and keep that future from ever coming to pass in the first place is enough to make anyone’s head spin, but despite the implausibilities, I really liked most of the sequence. FutureSylar’s speech to PresentPeter as the latter fixed the former’s watch was delivered with just the right touch of drama, and to get not one oh-shit moment (Noah getting nailed by a flying table) but two oh-shit moments (FutureSylar losing his fucking mind and going nuclear) was way more than I ever expected. It was tarnished a bit by the complete and total scientific impossibility that even the ostensibly immortal FutureClaire could’ve survived being at Ground Zero of a nuclear blast, let alone PresentPeter – I can accept a lot, people, but not that much – but, then, we got PresentPeter coming within an inch of popping FutureNathan’s skullcap off, which was pretty cool. Furthermore, the concept of Peter being cursed with Sylar’s hunger is one which should prove interesting in future weeks.

Seriously, though, how long is this back-and-forth thing with Hiro and Ando going to go on? I know it’s only the fourth episode of the season, but for all of the fun their scenes have brought us with Daphne, I’m already sick of Hiro questioning Ando’s friendship. Good thing Mama Petrelli has brought Adam back into the picture; that ought to to shake things up a bit.


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