Will Ferrell’s Highs & Lows

Will Ferrell’s never been one to show much concern for his questionable script selection. He pretty much does whatever he wants – from streaking in his tighty whites to wrestling bears (twice) – and gets away with it. Since breaking in to the business in 1998 with the “SNL” sketch-turned-feature film “Night at the Roxbury,” Ferrell has been all about quantity over quality. Over the course of the last decade, the actor has appeared in no less than 25 different projects, and for every career highlight like “Anchorman,” there’s been a box office flop like “Bewitched” to balance it out. Surprisingly, Ferrell’s been able to escape such disasters virtually unscathed, but just because Hollywood is willing to forgive him doesn’t mean we are as well.

In honor of his latest film, Bullz-Eye.com revisited the actor’s best and worst cinematic performances of his career. Check out the list here, and then be sure to come back and discuss.

Will Ferrell


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