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Are YOU growing a strike beard?

Apparently, Conan O’Brien is, as you’ll see when you watch this “important message” from the man in NBC’s 12:30 AM slot.

Sometimes I forget just how funny that guy is…

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Kitchen Nightmares: Tony Soprano Might Eat Here

Last night’s Kitchen Nightmares featured an Italian restaurant called Campania’s, located in Fairlawn, New Jersey, which is 20 minutes from New York City. Looking at the location and surroundings, it felt like this restaurant was located on the set of The Sopranos. Like you could imagine that meat store Tony and his boys hang out at being in the same strip mall. But I digress….

Gordon Ramsey was sent to rescue Campania’s from impending bankruptcy. Its owner/chef, Joe, was about $80K in debt and nobody was eating there anymore. In addition, he had too much food inventory, too many employees to pay, and was running his business like a frat party.

They showed the staff joking around, including Joe, head chef Gene, servers Josette and Jessica and pretty much everyone else. They interviewed Joe’s mom, Pat, who was worried about his son’s business and his health.

So Ramsey sits down and orders lunch so he can sample the food at Campania’s. He orders tortellini soup, some kind of sausage ravioli and chicken with what I think was a pistachio crust. After waiting more than 20 minutes for his soup, Ramsey was extremely disappointed. The soup was bland, the ravioli had too much garlic and the chicken was dry. The next day, he inspects the fridge and notices that there is way too much food for the amount of business the place is doing. He finds out that Campania’s serves huge portions and folks are always taking food home. In addition, Ramsey starts sending wait staff home because the place just has too much overhead. After the dinner service confirms a lot of these problems to Ramsey, he sits down with Joe and tells him he needs to make some changes to his business. Joe is hard-headed but in the end realizes that Ramsey is correct.

Ramsey even visits Joe’s house and his wife Melissa, who looks like Marisa Tomei. Melissa wants Joe to succeed so badly but knows he needs to make changes as well at the restaurant.

The first thing that Ramsey does when he returns to the restaurant is teach the staff how to make some great meatballs, and suggests that instead of the flashy dishes they are serving, that the restaurant go back to basics and feature these meatballs. He paints the Campania’s logo on a van and takes some of the staff with him to serve the meatballs on the street, calling them “New Jersey’s Best Meatballs.” People on the street are loving it. Then, the design team re-does the interior as well as the signage out front, and the kitchen is equipped with a new stove. Finally, Ramsey institutes the use of smaller plates, forcing the portion sizes to shrink, and simplifies the menu.

In the new dinner service, the wait staff likes the new menu, and gets to play “bingo” as Ramsey says whoever sells one of each item on the menu takes home $100. Most of the customers love the food, except for an older woman that says everything is terrible…Ramsey sticks up for his chefs and calls the woman an “old bag” to her face. That’s great television. Then, another woman who says the food is like “Ragu,” gets berated by another customer who is drunk. Again, great TV.

So with the new menu and the staff more serious about their work, Campania’s begins to make money. Thankfully, there is no footnote that the place has closed down five months later…as far as we know, Campania’s is still going strong and Joe is back on track to making money. I know I want to go taste those meatballs now!

Next week’s show is a repeat, so I’m not sure if and when Kitchen Nightmares will return with new episodes. But until then, see ya!

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Well, it’s a start, anyway…

Ain’t It Cool News got the scoop, but we’re not complaining: we’re just happy to hear the news that NBC will indeed be airing Episode 12 of “Journeyman.”

Here’s what their missive from show creator / executive Kevin Falls said:

Journeyman Fans–

NBC has decided to air the 12th episode (“Perfidia”) on Wednesday, December 19th at ten o’clock. That means our 10th episode will air on Monday the 10th (“Home by Another Way”), the 11th will air on 17th (“The Hanged Man”).

The decision to air the 12th episode had a lot to do with the passion of our fans through, the online petition and letters and emails to NBC executives.

And is it true you can vote once a day for the People’s Choice Awards?

There’s still no news on our long term future, but we can promise you this: three terrific episodes inside of ten days. Oh, yeah, and you’ll get some answers, too.

Your comments and pro-active attempts to save the show are very much appreciated by me and my fellow Executive Producer Alex Graves, Kevin McKidd and the cast, writers and crew. But more importantly, it’s working.

But don’t rest. We need you. We want a back nine–and beyond.

Thanks again,

Kevin Falls

Awesome news. Now, let’s all tune in for every one of these last episodes, shall we?

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“Scrubs” fans may already be aware of this…

…but any of you old-fashioned romantics out there will no doubt get a kick out of watching this clip of “Scrubs” grip Ted Mayer proposing to the show’s utility sound technician, Anna Wilborn, with a little help from Zach Braff and John C. McGinley. (I guess it pays to have friends in high places…and on hit TV shows.)

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As long as we’re talking about time-travel-related shows…

…I know that both myself and Ross are pleased at punch at the news that Billie Piper will be returning to “Doctor Who” for a trio of episodes in the currently-filming fourth season.

Unsurprisingly, Piper will be reprising her role of Rose Tyler, who served as the Doctor’s assistant during Seasons 1 and 2 but scored an easy out when Rose was transported into a parallel universe from which there was no escape. Well, supposedly no escape, anyway. I’m looking forward to finding out what scientific gobbledygook they’ve come up with to escape how she made it out…but, then again, I started getting excited about the new season the moment I heard that Kylie Minogue would be guest-starring on the Christmas special.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to stay excited ’til 2008; beyond the Christmas special, the actual Season 4 doesn’t premiere in March in the UK, but there’s no word on when the Sci-Fi Channel will begin its airing of the season. (You can bet it won’t be ’til late in the year, though.)

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Journeyman 1.10: “Blowback”

For anyone who’s been following the past week’s off-screen “Journeyman” drama – much of which was inspired by our own Will Harris’ interview with creator Kevin Falls – this week’s episode probably packed an even bigger punch than usual. It was written by Falls himself, which alone seemed to rack the tension up above the norm. I wondered how many people may have tuned in for the first time last night after possibly hearing about the show this week? Or how many newbies may have tuned in because a friend made them watch it?

Even being the second half of a two-parter, the action felt fairly standalone once you realized the danger present in the form of Aeden Bennett, who shows up and promptly shoots Dan in the kitchen. But then Dan disappears…

He finds himself in 1980 at the house of a child. The promos pretty much gave away the identity of the child (a young Bennett) and while Dan wrestles with what he assumes is an abuse situation, back in the present, Bennett concocts a scheme to get Katie to the house.

Again, the show skillfully weaved back and forth between past and present and I think this is an episode that would come across even stronger on a repeat viewing. Back in ’80, Dan (still bleeding) makes it to a hospital and Livia appears to get him through that hurdle. There’s a tender scene between the pair in which she asserts that without her initial presence in his life, he and Katie would not be together, therefore, they’re “meant to be.” I’m wondering if Livia wasn’t jumping the gun a little there, because without Katie, the current Dan/Livia dynamic might not be as tight either. To quote Doctor Who’s “Blink” episode, “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey…”

Another great moment – Jack finally saw Livia! So no more can Jack be in the dark as to what’s going on. He’s in the time travel loop, so to speak. And what of Agent Garrity (Paul Schulze), who was also shot and seemingly killed by Bennett? Was that swept under the carpet or what? Is the guy still alive somewhere? I’m sticking with “if there wasn’t a dead body at the end, then he isn’t dead,” until I see differently. And is/was he indeed operating as a rogue FBI agent as Dan’s boss, Hugh (Brian Howe) seemed to discover? And isn’t a pizza sandwich about the nastiest thing you’ve ever heard of?

“Journeyman’s” taking next week off (I’ll still be here though, blogging Sci Fi’s “Tin Man” miniseries), but it will be back on Dec. 10th with Episode 11, “Home by Another Way.” Will that be all we’re going to get if NBC can’t find a place for 12 on the schedule? Hopefully, with all the commotion this week, NBC will figure out a way to play fair for all the fans. At this point they’d be silly not to. And who knows – we may even get a back 9 order within the next few weeks.

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Battlestar Galactica: “Razor”

For those “Battlestar Galactica” fans that weren’t paying attention, the Sci-Fi channel premiered the two-hour event, “Razor,” last Saturday night. If you missed it, you can check it out on DVD when it hits the shelves on December 4th.

With Christmas approaching and the writers’ strike just now starting to affect new programming, there’s never been a better time for newbies interested in getting into “Battlestar Galactica” to finally make the plunge. The first three seasons are out on DVD and the fourth season (starting in March) will be the show’s last, so you know the creators are going to have the freedom to end the series properly.


When I first heard about “Razor,” I thought it was going to focus completely on the Pegasus crew under Admiral Cain. This provided plenty of story potential, but the creators decided to weave in two other timelines as well. The story jumped back and forth frequently between the Cain’s Pegasus and the time when Lee was in command of the ship and its crew (before the fleet settled on New Caprica). There was also a brief scene where a young William Adama made a gruesome discovery forty years earlier during the First Cylon War.

I figured that Kendra Shaw wasn’t long for the BG world considering we haven’t seen her in any subsequent episodes, so her little sacrifice at the end wasn’t all that surprising. Besides, it was a lot more effective the first time Bruce Willis did it in “Armageddon.” Regardless, her interaction with the old man (was that the hybrid?) on the ship revealed something big. He said:

“Cara Thrace will lead the human race to its end. She is the herald of the Apocalypse and the harbinger of death. They must not follow her.”

Considering Cara returned at the end of season three and promised to lead the fleet to Earth, his words are especially forboding. Of course, he’s the one that kept saying, “This has all happened before and will happen again,” so I don’t know what the point is of trying to dissuade the humans from following Cara. Kendra tried to warn Lee, but of course the Cylons scrambled the signal.

It was interesting to see the old school Cylons again. Apparently, they are only used in minor duty, and they aren’t as effective as their newer counterparts. It was also fascinating to see Gina’s backstory on the Pegasus. She went from being Cain’s lover to a rape and torture victim. It makes a little more sense now why Cain was so harsh with Gina. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

“Razor” certainly isn’t for the newbies, but it serves as a nice fix for those of us who can’t wait for the final season to begin.

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NBC does nothing to raise the hopes of “Journeyman” fans…

…but they’ve done wonders for followers of “Chuck” and “Life,” having announced the pick-up of full-season orders for both of those shows.

Of course, it’s almost certainly not a coincidence that both series are the sole property of NBC-Universal…unlike, say, “Journeyman.” Mind you, it doesn’t bode well for the future of “Bionic Woman,” given that that show is also the sole property of NBC-Universal but hasn’t gotten such a pick-up yet; it also isn’t terribly surprising, either, given the creative struggles the series has gone through. (Who would’ve thought that a concept as simple as that of a bionic woman, especially one which has already existed for a couple of decades, would prove so difficult to update for current TV audiences?)

What is surprising about the NBC press release to announce the lengthened lifespan of “Chuck and “Life,” though, is the included quote from Ben Silverman, Co-Chairman, NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios.

“‘Chuck’ and ‘Life’ stand out in a crowded TV landscape because they are smart, well-produced series with incredibly talented casts. Both shows are hitting their stride creatively, have developed loyal audiences and offer unlimited potential to grow throughout the season.”

Wow. Uh, that slapping sound you just heard was Silverman’s hand striking the actors and producers involved with “Journeyman” and “Bionic Woman.” Ouch. Surely there was some other way to praise those series without making it sound like the network’s other new shows are sub-par.

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Heroes 2.10 – BANZAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ups and downs, ups and downs: that’s “Heroes: Season 2″ in a nutshell. While this week’s episode wasn’t bad, it definitely didn’t consistently reach the heights of last week’s.

It started off looking like the “Heroes” equivalent of “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle,” with Peter and Adam on a road trip to see the elusive Victoria. Peter’s initial scenes with Victoria had a rather sentimental tone, but they certainly turned dark once Adam came on the scene; I’d actually hoped she’d live through the episode, but no such luck…and no real surprise, either. God love the youngest Petrelli son, but he’s so freaking naive that I just wanted to knock him upside his head; with both Victoria and Hiro assuring him that Adam’s shady, you’d think he’d at least consider the possibility that it might be true, but nooooooo…!

The Bennett family saga was really only interesting whenever it didn’t involve Claire. Hot or not, I’m sorry, but Hayden Panetierre just isn’t doing anything for me as an actress in her supposedly dramatic scenes – that cliche-ridden “but this hurts more than any of that” speech made me groan out loud – and sharing scenes with Kristen Bell only emphasizes Panetierre’s shortcomings. I mean, I want Elle to win! In fact, as much as I love Jack Coleman as HRG, I love Steven Tobolowsky more, and each passing week finds me progressively more interested in watching a show starring the father-daughter characters of Bob and Elle. Spin-off, anyone…?

Nikki and Micah reunited, but for better or worse, Nikki didn’t really get to do a whole lot this episode. It was way more Micah-heavy, focusing on the theft of his backpack, which contained comic books and – more importantly – the medal D.L. received for saving a woman from a burning building. Yes, it gave Monica another chance to work on her abilities, but if it hadn’t been for her being kidnapped at the end, it would’ve been relatively ho-hum, and as it is, it feels completely superfluous to everything else going on in the show right now. (Must be the connection to Nikki.)

We did, at least, get a few minutes with the Hiro-Ando team, though it was less time than Ando would’ve preferred…and, I’m guessing, less time than most viewers would’ve liked, too. It’s magic when those guys share the screen; I miss their camaraderie, and seeing them interact made me realized just how little fun this season has had in it compared to the last. Still, Hiro’s trip into the past was cool (though I couldn’t help but think that they could’ve used George Takei to play Hiro’s dad in the flashbacks, too, so little has he changed over the years), and, of course, the last scene of the episode was awesome.

The Maya / Alejandro / Sylar triangle is now one man short, making for the most enjoyable sequences of the entire episode. Zachary Quinto is just so perfectly slimy as Sylar; it’s almost a shame that he’s embarking on a side career as the new Spock, as he could play villains for the rest of his life and always have a steady paycheck. Alejandro’s death was pretty harsh…though not as harsh, perhaps, as Sylar getting his groove back with Maya while her brother’s dead body lay only a half-closed door away. That’s just low, man. In fact, about the only thing lower would be to sneak into Mohinder’s house and threaten Molly’s life…

Okay, so here’s my question: where the hell’s Matt Parkman?

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I feel like a quote out of context…

While I’m psyched that so many outlets have opted – either directly or indirectly – to pick up my interview with “Journeyman” creator Kevin Falls…

* Ain’t It Cool News
* Sci-Fi Wire
* TV Squad
* Abject Conjecture
* Slice of Sci-Fi
* All the Billion Other Moments
* Adventures in a Strange Land
* Televisionary
* The Moving Picture
* Life on the Bubble
* TV Tattle
* The Potato Report
* The TV Remote
* TV Is My Pacifier
* Supernatural News
* Dragon World
* SyFy Portal
* Unreality TV

…I’m a little disappointed that several of them – and I’m not naming names here – have avoided mention of Falls’ repeated comments that the series can still be saved and, instead, have opted to steer toward the suggestion that Episode 12 will be the last episode…if, in fact, it even airs.

Watch tonight at 10 PM, immediately after “Heroes,” and for the next two Mondays in the same timeslot. The show ain’t gone yet, but to use unabashed and blatant blackmail, if you don’t watch, it will be soon.

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