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Jessica Biel dresses down for GQ

Jessica Biel recently met up with GQ’s Adam Stein to discuss her new role alongside comic heavyweight Adam Sandler, the difficulties of landing a good role with a less-than-impressive resume, and her recent crowning as one of the sexiest women alive. Oh yeah, and they found some time to play a few carnival games along the way.

Of course, as Stein is quick to point out, most American males aren’t very familiar with Biel’s body of work, but rather the actress’ body itself, and as his friend Taj so brilliantly puts it, “I’m obsessed with a girl I’ve never seen move.” Then again, aren’t we all, which makes her most recent gig in “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” all the more important. Sure, the sexy cover girl can be found in yet another drool-inducing photo shoot in this month’s issue of GQ (see below), but it takes a lot more than good looks to make it in Hollywood these days, and Biel hopes that her appearance in the summer comedy is just the thing she needs to help her rise to the top.

She’s certainly in good hands with co-stars like Sandler and Kevin James, but Biel wasn’t about to take her role lightly:

“It was a little bit intimidating,” she says. “I really admire Adam and Kevin, but then, I didn’t try to equal them or one-up them, and the character I created didn’t have to be that. She’s the straight woman, but very fun and very cool and just—attainable. That’s the kind of part that I’d like to play more. I mean, a vampire hunter? Is that really attainable? I’d just like to play something a little more quirky, interesting, outrageous. And uninhibited.”

Click here to read the full interview and check out the new photo shoot.

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Alba is front-runner for GQ’s Best Cover of All-Time

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, GQ recently launched an online contest asking readers to vote for their favorite covers, spanning a wide range of categories and going as far back as the magazine’s debut year.

The votes have been tallied and the five finalists have been revealed: Orlando Bloom for Best Debut (2004), Brad Pitt for Best Leading Man (2005), Jessica Alba for Sexiest Woman (2005), Richard Gere for Most Stylish (1980), and 007 himself, Sean Connery for Most Iconic (1966).

Voting has officially opened on the final to determine the best cover of all-time, and not surprisingly, Jessica Alba has already secured a massive lead. One glance at the image to the right and you’ve no doubt already rushed to the bathroom with Kleenex in hand, but it’s not over yet, and as soon as female voters realize they’re simply canceling out each other’s votes amongst the four male candidates, Brad Pitt will certainly gain some ground.

Check out the other finalists below, and then head to GQ to vote.

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