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Jessica Biel dresses down for GQ

Jessica Biel recently met up with GQ’s Adam Stein to discuss her new role alongside comic heavyweight Adam Sandler, the difficulties of landing a good role with a less-than-impressive resume, and her recent crowning as one of the sexiest women alive. Oh yeah, and they found some time to play a few carnival games along the way.

Of course, as Stein is quick to point out, most American males aren’t very familiar with Biel’s body of work, but rather the actress’ body itself, and as his friend Taj so brilliantly puts it, “I’m obsessed with a girl I’ve never seen move.” Then again, aren’t we all, which makes her most recent gig in “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” all the more important. Sure, the sexy cover girl can be found in yet another drool-inducing photo shoot in this month’s issue of GQ (see below), but it takes a lot more than good looks to make it in Hollywood these days, and Biel hopes that her appearance in the summer comedy is just the thing she needs to help her rise to the top.

She’s certainly in good hands with co-stars like Sandler and Kevin James, but Biel wasn’t about to take her role lightly:

“It was a little bit intimidating,” she says. “I really admire Adam and Kevin, but then, I didn’t try to equal them or one-up them, and the character I created didn’t have to be that. She’s the straight woman, but very fun and very cool and just—attainable. That’s the kind of part that I’d like to play more. I mean, a vampire hunter? Is that really attainable? I’d just like to play something a little more quirky, interesting, outrageous. And uninhibited.”

Click here to read the full interview and check out the new photo shoot.

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Bukowski – “The Last Days of the Suicide Kid”

Storytime at its best.

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Andy chows down

God, I want a cheeseburger now.

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Alba is front-runner for GQ’s Best Cover of All-Time

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, GQ recently launched an online contest asking readers to vote for their favorite covers, spanning a wide range of categories and going as far back as the magazine’s debut year.

The votes have been tallied and the five finalists have been revealed: Orlando Bloom for Best Debut (2004), Brad Pitt for Best Leading Man (2005), Jessica Alba for Sexiest Woman (2005), Richard Gere for Most Stylish (1980), and 007 himself, Sean Connery for Most Iconic (1966).

Voting has officially opened on the final to determine the best cover of all-time, and not surprisingly, Jessica Alba has already secured a massive lead. One glance at the image to the right and you’ve no doubt already rushed to the bathroom with Kleenex in hand, but it’s not over yet, and as soon as female voters realize they’re simply canceling out each other’s votes amongst the four male candidates, Brad Pitt will certainly gain some ground.

Check out the other finalists below, and then head to GQ to vote.

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Lohan extending her rehab stay

Please, please, please, people. Take Lindsay seriously! After all, she takes her rehab seriously. Lohan has decided to extend her rehab treatment for a little longer by choice, mom Dina wants you all to know. Gee, could this be because she’s barely been doing an rehab there after checking in, instead hanging out riding bikes, working out, and making sure to stay in the public’s eye? Look, it’s past time for a serious meltdown for this girl. Let’s just get it over with, have some fun with the stories, and move along. But then, when you’re trying to compete with Paris Hilton being released from jail, I suppose saying you’re staying in rehab by choice makes you look like a saint. But not really.

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Hell’s Kitchen: “Crap Cooks” Need Not Apply

“Hell’s Kitchen” is slowly weeding out those who really can’t cook, or make it in the kitchen of a fancy restaurant. Last night, Vinnie was sent packing because, as Chef Ramsey said, he is a “crap cook.” Ouch. But really, why prolong the agony with someone like that? We were rid of characters like Eddie, Aaron and JoAnna, and now it’s down to the real competition anyway. Here is how it went down last night:

First, there was the palate test. This is when Ramsey puts blindfolds and headphones on the contestants and places food in their mouths, and they they have to taste it and guess what it is. I’m sure this is harder than it looks, but these folks should have a better grasp on it that the average schmoe. But the red team (girls) did a much better job than the blue team (guys). In fact, when Vinnie thought that seared tuna was “pancetta” (which I think is a form of bacon), you knew his days were numbered. Then it was amusing that the guys thought Bonnie cheated, that she could hear what Ramsey was saying before putting the food in her mouth. Whatever….if you can’t distinguish fish from pork, you shouldn’t win anyway.

So the ladies got to have a nice lunch with Ramsey in a place called Opaque, where you are completely in the dark while dining. That’s kind of freaky, don’t you think? I sure as hell want to see what I’m eating. Anyway, the guys had the punishment of prepping the entire kitchen for dinner, and then they had to fine-tune their palates by sampling disgusting food like kidney, tongue, stomach lining, etc…..I’m surprised they didn’t make them eat bugs like they do on “Fear Factor.” Blech. They each almost puked but never did, at least not on camera.

The dinner service was to be judged by the customers last night, and it also featured Ramsey screaming at just about everyone in the kitchen. He lashed into Bonnie, once again calling her a “dumb blonde,” and said Melissa wasn’t a team player. He also kept referring to the whole blue team as “donkeys.” In the end, 65% of the customers said the food took too long to be served, and so Ramsey declared both teams losers. So he picked the best of each team, Rock for the blue and Jen for the Red, to nominate one teammate for elimination.

Bonnie, meanwhile, was shown crying and wanting to go home to her simpler life as a nanny. I don’t see her lasting much longer, but before she goes home I’m sure the producers want to show her at some stage of undressing again.

So Rock nominated Josh and Jen nominated Melissa….and it was clear that both were chosen because they are the nominators’ biggest threat in the competition. So Ramsey did the smart thing and overrued them…..and instead chose Bonnie and Vinnie for elimination. As bad as Bonnie was, Vinnie was pathetic last night, and it was the proper choice. Watch out though, there are a few more “crap cooks” in line to be booted off. This season can only get more interesting from here.

And I’m going out on a limb here….but it seems Rock and Julia are Ramsey favorites so far….and I think Rock has the best overall skills and mindset to win this thing. See you next week….

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Benoit and family found dead

40 year old WWE wrestler Chris Benoit and his family were found dead last night at their home. Cause of death is an apparent homicide. Benoit and his wife Nancy and son Daniel were found dead around 2:30 p.m. Investigations are ongoing.

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Paris outta jail again (yawn)

Well, it’s all over. Paris Hilton finished up her stint in the pokey and was released last night. According to the story, Hilton will complete her probration in March 2009, “as long as she keeps her driver’s license current and doesn’t break any laws.” Oh, Paris. That’s indeed going to be a struggle for you. Still, we do walk away from this with the following statements Paris made to Barbara Walters during a phone interview when she was all alone in jail:

“I used to act dumb. It was an act. I am 26 years old, and that act is no longer cute. It is not who I am, nor do I want to be that person for the young girls who looked up to me.”

Paris, I think these girls are only “looking up to you” because you’re taller than them.

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Don’t look for the director’s cut on the DVD

Credit where credit is due: HBO may not get it right every time (“Deadwood” and “Carnivale,” RIP), but they’re rolling right now. A dubious finale for the network’s most popular series coupled with the decision to roll out two new series on its heels (“John from Cincinnati” and “Flight of the Conchords”) could’ve spelled disaster, but not only are “John” and “Conchords” flashing some great promise, one of HBO’s few remaining tent poles is jamming too. Looks like this new season of “Entourage” is going to be a blast.

We’ve all been crying for more from Turtle and Drama, or more accurately, something for Turtle and Drama. When they’ve got something to do (Drama’s road rage, Turtle starting up his management company), the dynamic duo make for excellent comic relief. But when they’re running around with no real direction or purpose, they get stale. Fortunately, Drama’s got plenty going on right now. In fact, he’s the only Chase brother bringing in any bank, the success of “Four Towns” finally giving him a taste of life in the upper crust. And who cares if he’s spending it all on cutlery and Ikia chandeliers, not to mention a brutal mortgage payment? He’s there for his little bro when it comes time to throw a coming home party, and once Drama padlocked the bathroom and moved the couch out of the living room, the place was ready. But leave your shoes at the door, oh, and hit the porto-potty in the hallway if you need to take a leak. Awesome. Even better was Drama’s instantaneous reaction when Vince and E left early to finally see Billy’s first cut of the movie: “I’ve got an announcement: get the fuck out! I’m serious, the party’s over – GETTHEFUCKOUT!”

Read the rest of this entry »

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TV DVD QT, Vol. 9

Dante’s Cove: The Complete Second Season / Noah’s Arc: The Complete Second Season – Oh, my. Well, given that the former airs on Here! and the latter on Logo, it’s no surprise that both of these series are, in fact, gay dramas…not, as you knew I’d say at some point, that there’s anything wrong with that. “Dante’s Cove” actually looked mildly interesting, given its reference to “sexy and supernatural residents,” but even that description couldn’t keep me watching after one male lead mounted another from behind in the kitchen. Dude, this isn’t gay drama; it’s gay softcore. “Noah’s Arc,” thankfully, proved to be a more straightforward relationship drama, albeit one with gay characters, and I’m sure that gay viewers probably really enjoy it. Me, I was out after about the third guy-on-guy French kiss. Given that Bullz-Eye received these sets, I think we have to presume that some publicist somewhere saw our slogan, “The Guys’ Portal to the Web,” and said, “Hey, I got some guys for you…” Uh, no, you don’t.

Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Eighth Season – In Season 8, Robert and Amy are now married, which means we continue to get enjoyable guest appearances from Amy’s parents (Fred Willard and Georgia Engel) and brother (Chris Elliot); Katherine Helmond also makes another appearance as Debra’s mother in one episode. But as long as we still get Ray, Debra, Robert, Amy, Frank, and Marie, who cares who guest-stars, right? We referenced this last time, in our “King of Queens” write-up, but you really have to applaud Ray Romano and his crew for maintaining the quality of the “Everybody Loves Raymond” DVD sets even after the show’s gone off the air. There are audio commentaries, deleted scenes, and so forth. Nice work, people.

Hogan’s Heroes: The Sixth and Final Season – In the show’s very last episode, we discover the heretofore-unrevealed historical fact that Colonel Klink was actually in Hitler’s bunker with the Fuhrer and Eva Braun…and he might’ve been saved, but Sergeant Schultz kept claiming that he knew “nussink.” Okay, just kidding. The last episode of “Hogan’s Heroes” isn’t discernibly different from the first episode: Hogan and his boys once again outwit TV’s most loveable Nazis. But…no special features? Why, those schweinhundts!

Mission: Impossible: Season 2 – It sure took Paramount long enough to get around to releasing the second season of this show…not that the delay was spent putting together any extras. (It’s totally devoid of special features.) Frankly, you’d think they would’ve put this out at the same time as Season 1, since this is the beginning of the series’ iconic line-up: Peter Graves, Barbara Bain, Martin Landau, Peter Lupus, and Greg Morris. There’s no explanation as to what happened to Dan Briggs (played by Stephen Hill), the original leader of the M:I team, but as Season 2 opens, the group is led by Jim Phelps (Graves). Maybe he got taken out by one of those self-destructing messages…?

Stargate: Atlantis: Season 2 – Honestly, I have no idea how long this has been sitting around my house. It showed up awhile ago mostly because no-one else wanted it, and my attempts to watch it have proven futile because, well, I never saw the first season. (I believe I had this same problem with a later season of “La Femme Nikita,” if memory serves.) Anyway, fans of the show will love the inordinate amount of special features; I mean, I can’t even get into it, but even *I* have to admire a series set that offers audio commentary on every single episode, not to mention several featurettes.

That ‘70s Show: Season Six – More solid ensemble comedy from a sitcom that never seems to get the respect it deserves…but, then, I say that every time I write up a season of this show. But here are two things that might sell you on Season Six: guest-star stints from Brooke Shields, Allyson Hannigan, Shannon Elizabeth, and Jim Gaffigan, quite a few special features, including three audio commentaries (though, notably, none from any of the show’s stars; they’re all from director David Trainer) and featurettes focusing on Red and Kitty Foreman, a.k.a. Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp. Throw in plot arcs involving Kelso getting Elizabeth’s character pregnant, Fez’s marriage of convenience to Eric’s sister, and the constant discussion of the real marriage between Eric and Donna, and you’ve got another fine season of “That ‘70s Show.” Honest.

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