Once again, NBC provided us lowly TV writers with the opportunity to talk to a couple of cast members from “Heroes.” This time, it was Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia, otherwise known as brothers Nathan and Peter Petrelli. It was a packed call, though, so we only got one question and answer out of each of them…

Bullz-Eye: Is there any truth to the rumor that the major ongoing story arcs will all be brought to a conclusion by the halfway point of the season? I’ve heard that (creator) Tim Kring had written the early scripts with an eye to the possibility that the show could be cancelled early.

Milo Ventimiglia: Adrian, do you wanna…?

Adrian Pasdar: Sure. Well, from – I think – all of our perspectives, there really can be no end to this story, because one door closes and another just opens. The storyline, as it was explained to us early on, there may be periodic endings to some subplots, but the overall arc of the story…it’s never-ending. And that was one of the major attractions, I think, for A) all of the cast, and for B) the writers.

BE: And, Milo, how quickly did you discover that Peter’s power was to duplicate the powers of other heroes in his vicinity? Was that mapped out from the get-go as well…?

MV: Uh, no, going into the pilot, I had no idea. I just saw there was this dynamic relationship between Nathan and Peter, and there was Peter aiding his brother, Nathan, in discovering that he could fly. And it wasn’t until a couple of months later, after the show had been picked up and we were all in New York at the upfront, Tim walked up to me and he had a big smile on his face, and he said, “I think we’ve figured out Peter.” And then he dove into his explanation of what Peter’s ability was.