Based on Sunday’s estimates, courtesy of

1) Invincible: $15.2 million ($37.8 million, second week)
There is something to be said for a movie’s timing. Unlike, say, “Crossover,” which couldn’t have been released any father out of basketball season.
2) Crank: $13 million (first week)
When told that his movie finished behind a guy who used to do underwear commercials, “Crank” star Jason Statham had this to say.
3) The Wicker Man: $11.7 million (first week)
After seeing “The Wicker Man” over the weekend, Bullz-Eye editor and part-time movie critic Shelley “The Machine” Levine had this to say.
4) Little Miss Sunshine: $9.7 million ($35.8 million, sixth week)
Haven’t seen it yet. I got nothing.
5) The Illusionist: $8 million ($12.1 million, third week)
Did anyone else want to yank Rufus Sewell’s mustache off of his face, or was it just me?

∞) Snakes on a Plane: $0 million. It’s still playing in theaters, but it didn’t even show up on Box Office Mojo’s top 50 movies of the week. Note to the lowest New Line staffer on the totem pole: don’t go to that “surprise” birthday party, if you want to see the sun rise again.