Scratch that last comment… I hate TiVo

Mere hours after commending TiVo for a job well done, I’ve experienced television recording hell; that moment in your life when you realize that you’ve just missed the only showing of your favorite television series due to a technical glitch. In my case, I missed two of my favorite shows: “Prison Break” and “24,” a little slice of heaven also known as Monday Nights on FOX. I still don’t understand why FOX doesn’t rerun these episodes sometime later in the week (and I’m pretty sure they used to years prior), but that’s hardly the issue at hand.

What is disappointing, however, are the countless years that I’ve stuck with, and stuck up for, TiVo despite cheaper options (through cable companies) and numerous glitches such as the one that occurred tonight. Well, I say no more! No longer will I pay 12.95/month for glorified TV recording! No longer will I listen to the wonderful “beep-beep” noise that can only be heard from fast-forwarding through unwanted commercials! No longer will I belong to a DVR cult made up elitist television fanatics whose sole purpose is to get the most out of their viewing experience!

Who else has given up TiVo for a cheaper option? Feel free to post your horror stories below…


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