I’ve been a bad girl

So, we finally know why Kate was being transported by a Federal Marshal on the flight from Australia to Los Angeles; she blew up her father… literally. And inside her mother’s house, which she so kindly bought insurance for mere days beforehand. I guess this makes Kate’s crime a little less shocking, since her father was a grade-A asshole, but I just can’t buy into the fact that neither her nor Sawyer are as bad of people as the audience was first led to believe. C’mon, at least make one of them a real criminal for the sake of some variety! And what was the deal with Kate taking care of Sawyer, running off to make out with Jack in the woods, and then coming back to Sawyer to express her feelings for him all within one day’s time? Was that lip service with Jack really necessary; besides adding extra drama between Jack and Sawyer in further episodes, of course?

Meanwhile, Locke, Michael and Mr. Eko check out the educational film on the Dharma project with no new results. That is, until Mr. Eko uncovers a book the tail-end survivors found on the other side of the island; a book that just so happens to hold the missing film strip from the Dharma video. And while Locke and Eko learn a thing or two from the new footage – namely about using the computer for entering the Pick 5 Lotto Numbers AND NOTHING ELSE (especially communication) – Michael is off in the other room doing just that. And in a very “Matrix” moment that starts with a blinking computer prompt and an uneasy “Hello,” Michael discovers that he might just be talking to his son Walt on the other end. I’m suspect to believing that Walt has actually managed to get hold of a computer wherever he’s being held (unless he’s using his X-Men powers to communicate with his father), but I’d accept any bullshit answer as long as the poor castaways don’t have to enter those damn numbers ever 184 minutes.


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