Will Smith Comeback Show

When someone has won two Grammys, been Oscar nominated twice, and is rated by Forbes magazine as the most bankable box office star in history, talking about a comeback show in Blackpool seems rather far-fetched.

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“The Circle” bombs at the box office

The star power of Emma Watson and Tom Hanks wasn’t enough to get indie movie “The Circle” off the ground. The film scored a paltry $9.3 million at the box office for its opening weekend despite a pretty big marketing push.


Entertainers We Take Seriously


You may not remember him, but Will Rogers was both a beloved cowboy and a humorist. Once, he said, “Everything changes. People are now taking their comedians more seriously and their politicians as jokes.” Ironically, this comment was made back in the early part of the 20th century. That was when the comedic period in America was at its highest. However, it does seem to be true more now than ever.

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Make and Distribute Your Own Short Movie: A Step Further


In a previous article, we talked about how you can have a great movie night with the entire family. The movie industry has changed a lot these past few years, allowing the latest movies to be enjoyed through streaming services. You also have access to a bigger archive as well as new gadgets that will make enjoying movies a more immersive experience.

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Five Tips for a Great Family Movie Night at Home


Being able to spend time with your loved ones on a regular basis is important. Having a bond with their parents helps many kids feel more comfortable discussing issues when they arise. A great way to bond with your children is to have a family movie night at least once a week. Use the guide below to learn a few tips for creating a night that your kids are sure to love and look forward to each week.

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