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Is there this much drama in cooking?

When you watch this trailer for the new film “Burnt,” it almost comes across as a caricature of movie trailers. With an excellent cast led by Bradley Cooper, perhaps they’ll pull this off, but it seems a bit forced.

AS for drama and cooking, we’ve seen an explosion of cooking content on TV, so perhaps this offers a good subject matter for a new film. We’ll see . . . .

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Reboot of the Fantastic Four

One of the biggest dates in the 2015 sci-fi calendar is nearly upon us! The launch of the new Fantastic Four film takes place on August 6th and it looks to be bigger and better than ever. With a brand new cast and director, the reboot looks to push the boundaries of the previous films in the franchise. Whilst offering the usual action that comes with a sci-fi film, the new installment is a refreshing take on an old classic.

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Still “Clueless” after all these years!

Yes, “Clueless” is twenty years old, and it’s still one of the best teen comedies ever made! There’s much to remember from this cool comedy, but Alicia Silverstone’s breakout performance tops the list, and Dan Hedaya was also excellent as Cher’s father.

Here’s one of our favorite lines from the movie, courtesy of Mr. Hedaya, when he explains to Cher’s date (who he didn’t realise was gay), “If anything happens to my daughter, I have a 45 and shovel; I doubt anyone will miss you!” Classic . . .

Cast Q&A for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Are you ready for another Mission Impossible film? If so here’s a Q&A including Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson and the director.

Is serial dating just for celebrities?

woman hugging man on neck

When it comes to matters of the heart, people in show business have a reputation of being the most prominent serial daters. The media and tabloids are constantly looking at celebrity’s love lives as a source of entertainment, never being short in materials to write about. And whist most of us are happy to enjoy a more traditional approach to coupling by sticking to the one partner, others are happy to live a similar lifestyle to their favourite Hollywood personalities, opting instead to date in a more casual fashion with multiple partners.

Different lifestyles

The life of celebrities is one that we often envy and try to emulate. From the items of clothing we buy to the cars we drive, going through the products we eat and yes, the way we approach dating. We like to behave like famous people because we can see they are enjoying themselves, and we also like having a good time. After all, some famous people are just too busy to take on the responsibility of being in a stable relationship because they are simply too hectic working and travelling around the world. Whist most ordinary jobs will offer more stability, a lot of us also work too hard to take on a long term relationship. After all, long term relationships do take a lot of effort and some of us might decide that having a family is too much to commit to.

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