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The Appeal of Cult Films

Short cult films and full length films have a long tradition of loyal fans spanning decades and decades of loyalty. These cult films could range from comedies, to musicals, to horror flicks. Short Cult Films can also be shrouded in dark recesses of the human mind and go places where normal film makers wouldn’t. A cult producer can push the envelope of creativity and go against the grain of what the norm is. Instead of a normal color film, they can go with a darker black and white picture. Some can be psychological, using images so that the viewer comes up with their own interpretation of what they are seeing. Music can often set the scene and the tone of how it is viewed. If the images are dark and morbid then haunting sounds can be used to invoke those feelings with what they are seeing.

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Independence Day: Resurgence Official Extended Trailer

This new “Independence Day” film looks pretty cool. Yes, we have way too many sequels, but the passage of time offers a nice opportunity here.

The Top Ocean Themed Movies

Ocean lover and scuba divers are quite pampered when it comes to movies. There are countless movies that feature some of the most unique and breath-taking underwater realm cinematic scenes. And numerous of these movies have become all-time classics by portraying the magical underwater world with top actors.

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Thor: From Norse God to Comic Book (and Big Screen) Superhero

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People have always needed heroes and gods to look up to. Every peoples’ mythology is crawling with these – no matter if they are spiritual beings, or figures of amazing power born out of mortals thanks to divine intervention. Some of them are great warriors, others are simply gods, walking among humans, helping or punishing as any of them deserve. And one of them has made a surprising comeback in the early 1960s, and has stayed in our attention to this day: the ancient Norse god of thunder, Thor.

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New horror series “Outcast” trailer

New horror series “Outcast” debuts on Cinemax on June 3rd from Robert Kirkman, of “the Walking Dead” fame.