Another Aston Martin movie car?

Lat year, Aston Martin has introduced the RapidE, the iconic British car manufacturer’s first full electric concept car. The car offers unmatched performance, amazing acceleration, and torque, and it might just be the perfect fit for the new James Bond – at least that’s what the company’s CEO, Andy Palmer thinks. The CEO of Aston Martin, responsible for some of the finest James Bond Cars of all time, thinks that 007 switching to electric is “almost as inevitable as death and tax”. In an interview with CNBC, Martin praised the new Aston Martin as the next logical step:

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Will There Be a Game of Thrones Movie?

gameofthrones13_10 - 477

George R.R Martin is a world renowned short-story writer and novelist from America. He’s famous for writing horror, fantasy and science fiction and is involved in his screen adaptions by notably working as a producer and screenwriter.

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Ways to Watch Movies on the Cheap, Legally

flat screen TV

You can enjoy some great movies without worrying about having to break the bank. September will come along eventually and right around the corner will be when the cost of Netflix plans do change. Here are some great ways to watch movies that you do care about and appreciate. Keep cash in your wallet while watching them. They are:

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The Changing Fortunes of Roulette


Roulette, and other casino games, have, in the past, been considered as something for the elite. Something for the rich. Something that was not for the ‘ordinary man’ (or woman). However, thanks to a mighty revolution – and an evolution too – regarding casinos and the games within them, roulette, poker, craps, and even slots are now more accessible, less pricey, and much more fun than ever before.

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That time Roger Ebert destroyed Rob Schneider

This is just too funny. I miss Roger Ebert . . .